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Web site resources to support
Mathematics for Queensland
Year 11 Mathematics B


SMARD – Secondary Mathematics and Assessment Resource Database

SMARD is a collection of classroom-tested resources and assessment for secondary mathematics, including Mathematics B.

Math Form

A most comprehensive site for the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Michael Shepperd’s Mathematics Resources website

A large and growing collection of web pages on secondary mathematics, with useful links for many of the Mathematics B topics.  Some of the chapter-specific links below are from this website.

MAA Online - Columns

Six monthly on-line columns on mathematics, by leading mathematics writers.  The topics are interesting and accessible to Mathematics B students.  Another recommended site is

http://abcnews.go.com/sections/science/whoscounting _ index/whoscounting_index.html

for a collection of online articles on mathematics by John Allen Paulos. Note that this web address is displayed on two lines because of its length.

The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive

A comprehensive site on the history of mathematics, famous mathematical curves, and famous mathematicians.

Maths Toons

Cartoons that relate to mathematics and technology.

College Algebra Resources

A useful collection of multiple choice questions, many of which relate to Mathematics B topics.

Graphics Calculators – TI

The main website for TI graphics calculators.  Note that you must register (its free) to access the resources.

Graphics Calculators – Casio

The Australian Casio Education site.

Equation Editor Tricks and Tips

Equation Editor comes free with Microsoft Office, and is an effective method of producing mathematical equations and expressions on worksheets and exams.   This website shows you how to use Equation Editor to its full extent.  You have to register with MathType to access the file.


Interactive educational software on the Internet for learning pre-calculus topics.   A fast Internet connection helps here.

Chapter 1          Introduction to Functions

Java Applet – Linear Functions

A Java applet to illustrate how changing the values of m and c in changes the graph of y = mx + c.


A nice worksheet in PDF format on relations.  You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to access this file.


A worksheet on functions, in PDF format.

Coordinate Geometry Problems

Some of these are suitable for students studying this chapter, others are useful for later chapters in the text.  The file is in PDF format.

Chapter 2          Quadratic Functions

Algebra Problem of the Week

An archive of weekly algebra problems from Math Forum.  Many are suitable for Mathematics B students.

Stopping Distance

The stopping distance of a car that is braking is a function of the square of the velocity, so it can be modelled with a quadratic function.  This site details some of the underlying mathematics.

Chapter 3          Exploring Data

Exploring Data

A website by one of the authors to support an introductory course in statistics.

OzDAZL – The Austalasian Data and Story Library

A collection of datasets, with an Australian flavour.

DASL – the Data and Story Library

An excellent and large collection of datasets, along with the “stories” behind the datasets.

Gallery of Data Visualisation

The Gallery of Data Visualization displays some examples of the best and worst of statistical graphics.

Chance News

A large collection of news articles that can be effectively used in the statistics classroom.

Chapter 4          Modelling Functions with Data

Kochel’s Catalog of Mozart’s Works

This is the dataset for the extended modelling question at the end of the chapter.  The dataset is also available on the mathematics-for-queensland.com website in a slightly more accessible form.

DASL – the Data and Story Library

Includes an excellent and large collection of datasets for both linear and non-linear regression.

The Regression Line and Correlation

An interactive tool for exploring least squares regression lines.  The entire website, including the Java applet can be downloaded and used offline.

Chapter 5          Trigonometry

Java applets - Trigonometry

Twenty-one Java applets to support the learning of trigonometry.  They make the learning of Trigonometry come alive!

Dave’s Short Course in Trigonometry

An interactive tutorial in trigonometry

River Crossing

The focus of this page is an interesting problem, but even more useful is the discussion of the process used to solve the problem.   The problem requires knowledge of linear functions, Pythagoras’ Theorem and trigonometry of the right triangle.

Noon Observation Project

The Noon Observation Project is a joint effort among interested schools worldwide in accurately estimating the circumference of the earth.  You should plan to be studying Trigonometry on March 21 to make best use of this website.

Chapter 7          Indices and Logarithms

Logarithms and Slide Rules

A web site that shows the connection between logarithms and that ancient calculating device, the slide rule.   A worksheet in PDF format that contains a large slide rule (e.g. for use on an OHT) and another that contains five slide rules for student use are available from this website.

A Review of Logarithms

A brief overview of logarithms and logarithmic functions

ExploreMaths - Logarithms

See the effect on the graph of the logarithmic and exponential functions as you interactively change the base.

Notable Point Rainfall Events

Records for rainfall in a given time period (ranging from one minute to two years) can be modelled beautifully, and surprisingly, by a power function, so a log-log graph of the data yields a linear model.  This website has rainfall records for each of the states in Australia, as well as the world records.

Chapter 8          Polynomials

MathServ Toolkit

The MathServ Toolkit is a web-based interface with Mathematica, a computer algebra system.  Amongst other things, it can factor polynomials, solve polynomial equations, graph functions and graph relations.

Graphs of Polynomial Functions

A comprehensive worksheet, in PDF format.

Janine’s Problem

A nice little problem that can be solved by forming a cubic expression.

Chapter 9          Further Functions

Whelk-Come to Mathematics

An NCTM multi-media investigation on using rational functions to model the behavior of whelks.   The entire website, including a video clip, can be downloaded and run off-line.

Chapter 10          Rates

The Hot Tub

A “bath graph” online.

Slope as a Rate of Change

A web page that looks at the gradient of linear and non-linear graphs

Chapter 11          Differential Calculus

Put the Heart into Mathematics

This activity explores the measurement of the amount of blood being pumped by a heart. The goal of this investigation is a rich exploration of rates of change and accumulation in context.

Java applets - Calculus

Sixty-four Java applets to support the learning of calculus.

Surfboard applet

This is one of the applets in the above collection.  It demonstrates the link between a function and its related gradient function beautifully.

Maths Online – Differentiation One

Some lovely interactive applets that teach the introductory concepts of differential calculus.

Trigonometry and Calculus Problems of the Week

An archive of the Problems of the Week from Math Forum.  With answers!

Calculus I Projects

Though called projects, I would probably classify these as part exercises / part problems.  But there are some nice questions here.

MathServ Toolkit

The MathServ Toolkit is a web-based interface with Mathematica, a computer algebra system.  Amongst other things, it can find limits and derivative functions.

Software to support Mathematics for Queensland

Year 11 Mathematics B


Graphmatica is a powerful, easy-to-use, equation plotter with numerical and calculus features. Graph Cartesian functions, relations, and inequalities, plus polar, parametric, and ordinary differential equations

Peanut Software Suite


Wingeom is for high-precision geometric constructions in both two and three dimensions. Drawings can be highlighted and animated in a variety of ways


Winplot is a general-purpose plotting utility, which can draw (and animate) curves and surfaces presented in a variety of formats.


Winstats provides access to scatter plots, curve fitting, histograms, statistical data, and standard theoretical probability distributions.

Geometer’s Sketchpad

Geometer’s Sketchpad is a powerful dynamic geometry software program.  It can be used effectively in the learning of geometry, algebra, trigonometry and calculus.  It is a commercial program, but an evaluation edition is available for teachers.  A version is also available for the TI-92+ graphics calculator.

Instructor’s Evaluation Edition

Sketchpad for the TI-92+ Calculator